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How can I send an eCard with my company logo?

Option 1 - Your logo in your Footer Signature

CorpNote enables you to upload a company logo (up to 200 x 200 pixels for left, centered or right aligned footers; up to 600px wide x 200px high for centered footers) that will display at the bottom of each eCard with your signature information – name, address, website, etc.

Tutorials - Account Setup > Signature

Option 2 - Create and upload a Custom eCard design that includes your logo

You can upload up to 36 pictures into your CorpNote account to use as the image in your eCards. When you create these images, you can include your logo as part of the design.

Tutorials - Custom eCard/Invitation Designs

Option 3 - Create a Custom Interface (Included in Multi-User plans, one-time upgrade option for Single-User members)

CorpNote's "Customize the Interface" feature enables you to make our interface resemble your own company's website by changing the logo, colors and links to be similar to your existing Internet presence. The top logo, colors and footer links will ve visible throughout your CorpNote experience, changing the look of the interface when you (or your multi-user members) create eCards, Invitations and Surveys, and being seen by everyone who receives your eCards, too. 

Tutorials - Customize the Interface

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