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Do your eCards display on mobile devices? Can I send an eCard from my mobile device?

Yes! CorpNote has been completely redesigned to be fully compatible with mobile devices.

It's important to note that the animated cards in the CorpNote system now use HTML5 animation, which is the current standard for compatibility. Some technologies, like Outlook, are not able to play the animation in the email inbox. When CorpNote senses these systems, we display a non-animated version of the card in the inbox - and display a message at the top that says the card is animated, with a link to view the animated version in a web browser.

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to send eCards when you're on the go, check out CorpNote's "QuickSend" feature. QuickSend lets you create complete eCard templates in advance, and send them from your mobile (or any device) with a minimum of effort. Just add your contact's name and email, click 'Send' and you're done. QuickSend is perfect for trade shows and networking events, when you want to fire off a fast message with a professional appearance. It's also perfect for customer service professionals who want to instantly follow up support calls with a thank you note or satisfaction survey.

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