Frequently Asked Questions

Can I personalize the message in the text area individually for each recipient?

Yes, you can individualize every eCard that is sent. Our eCards are designed with three parts to each card – the picture or animation at top, the editable text message under it, and the footer with your logo and contact information at the bottom.

The editable text area uses a Microsoft Word-like text editor, and you can type and format any length message. While CorpNote lets you send up to 250 messages with a single click (2,500 if you are sendng to a 'Group), it’s also easy to customize each eCard and send them one by one. We recommend that you create an eCard and send it to yourself to confirm that you like how it looks. Then save it as a ‘Template’. Once saved, you can select the template (which remembers all of the design elements and delivery options you have chosen) and easily modify your basic text message for each recipient.

(While it takes more time to do, the extra effort will be truly appreciated.)

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