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As a Multi User Administrator, can I limit my users to only use my email templates?

Yes! Multi-User Plan Administrators can turn off access to CorpNote's selection of eCards, email templates, image library and more.

Sign into your account and in the navigation go to Manage Users > Edit (or Add) User. Under "Allow CorpNote Designs" select no. You can change this setting for each individual user at any time.

You can also control your users' ability to upload their own images. In the same area of your account as described above, you will see this question: "Allow Image Upload." Select yes or no at any time to enable or re-enable the image upload feature.

Important Note: If you select both options above, your users will not have access to any eCard designs or images to use in their emails unless you provide your own images and/or email templates for them to choose from.

To provide your users with email templates, while adding or editing an email template choose the option to 'share' it with all users or the specific users you select.

By limiting your users to only your approved email templates, you can retain control of your company message and branding.

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