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Why are there funny characters in my email subject line?

Most email programs do not support the use of all characters, especially ‘smart quote’ characters that Word and other programs auto-insert as you type. According to Microsoft:

This always happens when you are using characters (Such as apostrophes, double quotes, dashes, and ellipsis). 

Solution: When creating your email subject line, DO NOT copy and paste your text – instead, hand-type your subject line into the ‘Subject Line’ text box.

Here is an example of what bad characters look like when used in a subject line:

Original text, copied from Word and pasted into the subject line:

Check out CorpNote’s “wonderful” outing. Play Frisbee™ and don’t ‘forget’ shoes!

When sent, the email subject line appears like this to your recipients:

Check out CorpNote’s “wonderful” outing. Play Frisbee™ and don’t ‘forget’ shoes!

The same subject line, hand typed, with standard (‘straight’) quotes, and no ‘TM’ looks like this, and will work correctly:

Check out CorpNote's "wonderful" outing. Play Frisbee and don't 'forget' shoes!

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