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Can I insert images into the text part of my eCards?

Short Answer: We discourage inserting images into the body of your text messages, and the CorpNote tools are not designed to do this by default. This is because we cannot guarantee that pasted or linked images will display reliably when your eCard is sent. In addition, pasting copied images directly into a card can cause your cards not to be sent.

DO NOT copy and paste a screen grab or a local file directly into the text area of your eCard. Even though it may appear to work for you, even when sent and received by yourself, the image WILL NOT display to other people. We have several systems in place to block pasting of images, but some browsers still allow it.

Longer answer: If you need to show an image in the text area of your eCard, you can display an image that is hosted on another website, and it will work (and not break the delivered eCard layout) if the image is less than 600 pixels wide. The risks that are associated with this are:

  • If the image is removed from the site you are linking to, your eCard recipients will see a broken image icon.
  • Images that are not the correct size will break the layout of your eCard.
  • You may get error messages from web browsers when content is displayed from two different sources.

While the ability display an external image is not built into the text editor used when you compose your eCard, if you want to assume the risks mentioned above then you can accomplish this by using the following steps.

1.) On the message screen (where you compose the text of your message) place your cursor where you want the linked image to appear.

2.) Insert a ‘smiley’ graphic, which you’ll find in the text editor toolbar.  

How to insert a graphic in an inline greeting card - step 1

3.) Right-click on the smiley graphic and select Image Properties. Paste the complete website address in the URL field. Hit tab to accept. Alternately you can hit the ‘refresh’ icon (the spinning circle) to read the external image.

How to insert a graphic in an inline greeting card - step 2

How to insert a graphic in an inline greeting card - step 3

Check the width of the image you are linking to. IMPORTANT – If the Width is greater than 600 pixels, you cannot use the image – it will break the design of your card. Even if you scale the image by changing the width number, it WILL BREAK when delivered via email.

If you need to insert an image and the ‘Smiley’ method is not an acceptable solution, then please contact CorpNote support for recommendations. 

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