Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between sending my own eCard via email and sending with CorpNote?

While sending an occasional eCard in a regular email is an acceptable way to deliver a DIY card, there are many benefits if you are using email marketing and eCards on a regular basis.

Some of the advantages to using an eCard delivery service, like CorpNote, are:

  • Easily send to 2,500 recipients at a time. (Regular email is often limited to 100 recipients)
  • You'll see who picks up your cards in real time, and be able to easily follow up.
  • There are many time-saving features in CorpNote that allow you to design and save professional eCard templates that conform to business email  standards, and help keep your emails out of SPAM filters.
  • CorpNote gives you an easy automated way to offer an unsubscribe option to your contacts, which is required for business communications.

For a complete list of benefits, see our article: How to Send an eCard - "DIY" vs. Using an eCard Delivery Service

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