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Can a Company Join with a Single-User Membership?

Yes. Both our Single-User Membership and our Multi-User Membership are designed for business users.

Our Single-User Membership is perfect if you have one individual in your company sending eCards, managing events and managing surveys. With this membership, all eCards will be sent 'from' the email address used to create the account, and the eCard signature will reflect what has been entered for the account. (If you are going to be managing a CorpNote Single-User membership for someone else, then please provide that person's name and email address when you create the account.)

The cost for a Single-User membership is $20/month with no setup fee.

Our Single-User Memberships can also have a Custom Interface Upgrade that enables you to upload your logo and choose the colors to be used throughout the site to match your company's visual brand identity. Your custom branded interface design will be visible to you and your recipients when they view your eCards, invitations and surveys.

Our Multi-User Membership plans include the custom interface option as well as these additional benefits:

Multiple people in your company can have their own accounts. This is particularly important for businesses that wish to have eCards go out with different people's name/email in the eCard signature and 'from/reply-to' email addresses, or for companies (like sales organizations) where employees maintain their own client address book. (The first person who establishes a Multi-User Membership will become the "Administrator", and will grant access to other company users.)

The administrator can manage user access, upload & share their eCard designs and share templates and messages for consistency in your brand's communication.

Multi-User Memberships have a one-time setup fee of $300 (we will help you with the custom interface or you can do this yourself by following our step-by-step tutorial). There is a monthly cost of $10/month per user, and you will only be billed for company users whose accounts were active during a billing cycle. (If your eCard needs are seasonal, your Company Administrator can control costs by de-activating access to users when they don't need their account.)

With both of our memberships, Single-User and Multi-User, there is no cost per eCard and you are not limited in how many eCard, event or survey campaigns you can run simultaneously.

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