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What Happens to my Automated Email Campaigns if my Membership Becomes Inactive?

If you have any business eCards, email newsletters, online invitations or online surveys scheduled to be sent on a future date, and your account becomes inactive (because you cancelled or your credit card was declined and not corrected), then they will not be sent. Accounts that are inactive for 60 days are automatically purged of all account data including automated emails.

CorpNote retains your account data for a grace period of 60 days. If you re-activate your account within that time period, all of your settings will be restored, and all email campaigns and automated emails will resume ON THE DAY FOLLOWING your account re-activation.

Note: Any account that has been inactive for 60 days is subject to deletion of all saved data including sent, saved and scheduled business eCards and email newsletters, email list management entries (address book contacts), images and saved preferences/settings. For Multi-user members and Single Users with the Custom Interface option, new setup fees will be charged.

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