Frequently Asked Questions

When I compose an eCard, what options do I have for formatting the text of my message?

The top part of the "Message" screen lets you globally set the background color, typeface (font) and font color, and font size for your entire card.

The message area that appears under the eCard picture or animation lets you further edit the appearance and layout of the eCard. This is an easy-to-use 'MS Word-like' text area that gives you the following text tools:

  • font typeface
  • font size and formatting (color, background color and color, bold, italic, underline)
  • center, right or left justify text
  • insert bulleted or numbered lists
  • insert hyperlinks to a web page or email address

You can also paste formatted text from other applications into this message area.

For detailed instructions view our in-depth tutorials:

Tutorials - Creating and Sending an eCard or Invitation

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