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How do I create and distribute an online survey?

Here's the quick answer on how to create online surveys that can be distributed via eCard, email newsletter, your website, social media, blog or email program.

Step 1. Sign in and in the navigation, go to Surveys > Create a Survey.

Step 2. Name your online survey, choose your opening text and then select how many questions you want your survey to have.

Save your online survey and preview it to make sure it looks the way you want it. We recommend that you take your own survey and view your answers in your CorpNote account. You can then delete your 'test' response to ensure that your survey results are accurate.

Distribute a link to your online survey response form by sending an eCard, email newsletter, posting the link on your website, or sharing the link in social media.

menu_book Related Tutorial: Survey Manager > Send Online Surveys and Manage Responses

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