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Can I insert text from another program into my eCard?

Yes! But because each program works slightly differently, your results may vary. Many programs, like MS Word, format text with code that you cannot see when you are copying, and may give unexpected results when you paste the text into the Message area of your CorpNote eCard.
Here are some general tips to get you started:
  • You can copy from virtually any program that allows you to highlight the text to select it, including web browsers.
  • Plain text (.txt) works great and contains no formatting, so you can safely format it after pasting into your eCard using CorpNote's Message tools. You can use plain text top strip out the formatting from content like Word docs by first pasting your text into Notepad on the PC (or a compatible simple text editor on Mac), and then copying it again from there before pasting into CorpNote. By adding formatting in the CorpNote message editor, you are assured a higher degree of compatibility when people view your ecards, invitations and surveys on various devices.
  • Rich Text (RTF) text usually copies and pastes well and will retain formatting.
  • MS Word has lots of proprietary formatting, and presents compatibility challenges. CorpNote will try to remove the formatting that's not compatible. 

At any time you can click "Preview Card" to see how your edited card will look. We also recommend sending yourself a copy of a card before sending it to others, just to make sure.

Bonus Tip:

Learn your shortcuts...
This tip is a real time saver! To copy text from virtually any program, highlight your source text and press 'Ctrl+C' (Command+C on Mac).
To paste, place your cursor where you want it and press 'Ctrl+V' (Command+V for Mac).

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