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Weird Characters in Email Subject Line

When creating your email subject line, DO NOT copy and paste your text from other software. Hand-type your subject line into the ‘Subject Line’ text box and avoid special characters such as ™. Most email programs do not support the use of all characters, especially ‘smart quote’ characters that Microsoft Word and other programs auto-insert as you type.

For example: This text looks great in MS Word: "Check out CorpNote’s “wonderful” outing. Play Frisbee™ and don’t ‘forget’ shoes!". This is how the text might look in an email subject line: "Check out CorpNote’s “wonderful” outing. Play Frisbeeâ„¢ and don’t ‘forget’ shoes!".

To prevent the above example from happening, hand-type subject lines and avoid special characters. If you need to paste text from another program, try stripping all formatting by using Ctrl+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V.

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