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Tracking and Managing eCards

To manage your sent eCards, choose eCards > Sent Cards from the navigation menu.

The default screen will show a thumbnail of all the eCards sent in the last 60 days, with a history of who viewed it and if it contains a survey or invitation. You can click the thumbnail to view your eCard details, and to follow up with people who have or have not viewed your eCard. Here is some of the data that we track:

You can also manage eCards in your Sent Cards bin by adding comments, copying an eCard to use again, creating a template from the eCard and more. You can also easily send a follow up eCard to all recipients, those who didn’t pick up the card or those that did pick it up.

eCards are kept indefinitely, as long as your CorpNote membership remains current and you have not deleted them. If you let your membership lapse for more than 60 days, all of your private account information including your eCard history will be deleted for privacy and storage reasons.

Important Note: You cannot edit a card once it has been sent.

To manage saved cards, Choose eCards > Saved / Scheduled Cards from the navigation menu. You can continue to edit any eCard in your saved cards bin. You can also delete or copy these eCards.

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