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Creating One-Time Send Lists

Create your eCard or email newsletter and then type your email addresses or copy your email list from another program.

Important Note: Include only one email address per line.

For example:

To copy and paste your email list (up to 250 email addresses), make sure you have "Type email addresses" option selected in the “Add Recipients to Address List" area. After you paste your email addresses, click the "Add Recipient(s) to Address List" button to save your changes and prepare your eCard or email newsletter for sending.

Important Note: If you use CorpNote's email list management tool, the Address Book, you will have access to many helpful features such as auto-filling of each recipient’s first name in the greeting. You can also send business eCards and email newsletters to groups of contacts, view the email history associated with each of your contacts, view recipients by name rather than by email address and much more.

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