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Can I include Social Media Links in my emails?

Yes - in the signature of every email, you can pre-set links to these social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. These links will appear after your other signature items like your name, phone number, website link etc.

You can also add social media links anywhere in the body of your email. Our image library has a variety of color coordinated social media buttons that you can insert into your emails and link to your specific social media campaign. For example, you might have several different Twitter accounts for each of your product lines or locations. You can set your signature social media link to your main Twitter account and include links to other Twitter accounts as needed within the body of your email.   

menu_book Related Tutorial: Account Setup > Signature Options

Tip: You can also post your eCards, email newsletters, online invitations, surveys etc. in social media. 

menu_book Related Tutorial: Posting in Social Media

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