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How do I create an email template?

Email templates make it easy to quickly send eCards, email newsletters, invitations and surveys to individuals and email lists as well as to ensure consistency in your communication. They are required if you want to use email automation.

To create an email template from an email you sent:

  1. Go to Email > Sent Emails. In the options drop-down list, select "Save as Template"
  2. Give your email template a description, select a category and enter comments to help you recognize this email template in the future
  3. Click the "Save Template" button.

When you want to send an email template, in the navigation go to 'My Templates' and click 'Use Email Template.'

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To create an email template without sending an email:

  1. Go to 'My Layouts' and select the tab for Layout Library or Layout Builder
  2. Select an email layout from our library or create a new one from scratch using the Layout Builder
  3. After you have created your email layout in the editor, click 'Save as Layout'
  4. Provide a description and select the default colors 
  5. Click the "Save" button.

When you want to use an email layout as an email template, go to 'My Layouts' and select the email layout you want to use.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Email Templates can only be created from sent emails and they can be used to set email automation and to use our QuickSend feature. Email layouts provide a way to create 're-usable' email content that can be quickly modified to create and send an email but they are not considered to be an email template.

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