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Can I send eCards to employees within my own company?

Yes. There are no limits to you doing this as part of your CorpNote membership. 

From time to time, some users experience trouble sending eCards to their employees, or to themselves. This is because some IT departments will block employee emails that have an IP address different than their main email server, but which have a company email address as the 'reply to' or 'from' address, as CorpNote purposefully does. You can test to see if this is the case by also including a Gmail or other external email address to a card that you are testing to yourself. If you get the non-company card but not the one to the company address, then your company's email filters are most likely the cause. 

There is a fix! This FAQ entry describes this in more detail, as well as providing the technical solution that you can forward to your email administrator to resolve the problem:

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