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  1. Can a larger corporation/company join CorpNote with a Single-User Membership?
    Answer: Yes. Both our Single-User Membership and our Multi-User Membership are designed for business users.
  2. What is CorpNote's satisfaction money-back guarantee?
    Answer: We are so sure that you are going to LOVE CorpNote, that we offer a 10-day money back guarantee for our Single-User Memberships ($20/month) subscribers. If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied, you may cancel your CorpNote account via our on-line account cancellation form within ten (10) days of joining. We will promptly refund your credit card.
  3. Can I sign up for just one month to send holiday eCards?
    Answer: Yes. You can join CorpNote to send Holiday eCards (Season's Greetings, Christmas, Valentine's etc.) with no long-term membership commitment.
  4. Can I upload my own eCard designs?
    Answer: Yes. You can upload your own graphic or photo to be used as the picture part of your eCard. View our tutorial: How to Make an eCard from a Photo or Digital Art
  5. Is there a minimum sign-up period, or a minimum number of months, that I have to pay for membership?
    Answer: No. We do not have a minimum sign up requirement and there is no long-term contract. Your service is month-to-month. You can sign up for one month, use the service, and then cancel 4 days prior to your monthly billing date and you will only be charged for your one month of use.
  6. Can the CorpNote system look like my website?
    Answer: Yes. CorpNote offers a Custom Interface option that lets you customize the CorpNote site with your company logo, colors and footer links, to look like your own company website. The Custom Interface comes with our Multi-User Membership, and allows your 'CorpNote Plan Administrator' to upload and create a custom interface that will be seen by your employees, and everyone you send eCards to.

    We also offer a one-time upgrade to our Single-User members that gives them the same customized look, for smaller companies that want to be able to brand the entire CorpNote site with your company logo and colors like our Multi-User plans. There is a one-time setup fee of $100 to upgrade a Single User plan for this option.
  7. What is the cost per eCard, invitation, or survey?
    Answer: We do not charge a price per eCard. You pay a monthly membership fee and you can send as many eCards, online invitations or surveys as you like. The cost per month varies based on your membership plan. View our membership plan comparison page to learn more about the options, cost and features that are included in each of our plans.

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