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How to Track QuickSend eCards, Invitations and Surveys

With QuickSend you can see who viewed your eCard and easily add them to your address book. Go to eCards > Sent Cards in the navigation and find the eCard you sent using QuickSend. QuickSend eCards have a QuickSend icon next to them. You can view the eCard tracking information like any other sent eCard.

Importing QuickSend Contacts into Your Address Book

When you send a QuickSend eCard to someone who is not in your address book, or to someone with the same email address but who has different contact information, this information is now available for you to import into your address book.

  • Go to My Account > Overview and you will see a notice (highlighted in yellow) that you have new contacts to review/import (see example)
  • You can 'add/edit' a contact whose email address was not found in your address book
  • You can 'update' contacts whose email address matched but the contact information you supplied on your QuickSend card is different (see example)
  • To add multiple QuickSend contacts at one time, select the checkbox next to each person you want to add to your address book
    • To make finding these imported people easier, assign a category and add comments
    • Each contact you import will have the same category and comments you provide
  • For more control, click the 'add/edit' button and individually add information to the contact record before you import the contact into your address book
  • You can delete a QuickSend contact by clicking 'Remove' without affecting your address book - you will only remove the contact from the QuickSend screen

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