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QuickSend eCards, Invitations and Surveys Overview

Use our QuickSend feature when you want to quickly send an eCard, invitation or survey in less than 30 seconds. Perfect for Tradeshows, Sales Meetings, Customer Service follow-ups and more! You do not need to download an app to your device to use this feature. QuickSend works with cell phones, mobile devices and desktop computers.

Here's How it Works...

  • Create and save QuickSend eCard templates for different occasions.
  • When you're ready to send, sign into CorpNote and go to eCards > QuickSend in the navigation or click the icon on your phone's home screen (see instructions in the next section).
  • Select your eCard template, enter a name and email address for your contact and click "send."
  • Go to your 'Sent eCards' history to see who views your eCards.
Select an eCard template and enter the contact's information.

How to Use QuickSend

  • Create Your eCard Templates
    • Create eCards for 'it was nice meeting you,' 'thank you,' 'customer satisfaction survey' and other appropriate communications that you will use
    • Send the eCards to yourself and make sure they look exactly the way you want them to
    • Save the eCard as a QuickSend template and set your preferences for the template
  • Create a Shortcut to QuickSend on Your Mobile Device or Desktop Computer
    • Sign into your account and go to eCards > QuickSend in the navigation.
    • Make sure all of your QuickSend eCards are displaying in a way that you can easily recognize them
    • Either bookmark the page in your web browser or choose 'Add to Home Screen' on your Apple device
  • Send your eCards
    • When you find an opportunity to keep in touch with someone, go to your web browser bookmark for QuickSend or if you are using the Apple device 'Add to Home Screen' feature click on the icon.
    • Choose your eCard template, enter the contact's email address, enter any of the optional information and click send

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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