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Sending QuickSend eCards

QuickSend is a perfect solution for following up after tradeshows, sales meetings, customer support calls and more. This tutorial covers how to send your QuickSend eCard, invitation or survey which can be done after you create your eCard templates.

How to Send a QuickSend eCard, Invitation or Survey

  • Go to eCards > QuickSend in the navigation or click the icon on your phone's home screen (see instructions in the prior tutorial)
  • Find the template you want to use and click the thumbnail image
    • You will see whether an eCard also has an invitation and/or survey response form and you can filter by category (see example)
  • Use your address book and click on the name to confirm (see example) or enter a recipient's email address and any optional information (see example)
  • Click the send button and your eCard will be sent immediately

thumb_up Important Notes

  • If you had selected to not display a QuickSend template on the QuickSend home screen, you can still view it by clicking the 'Show All' link
  • If you are a Multi-User Plan member and your plan administrator has shared QuickSend eCard templates, you will see those eCard templates in addition to your own
From the QuickSend home screen, choose the eCard, invitation or survey you want to send.

How to Get the Most out of QuickSend

  • Add the eCard recipient to your address book by checking the box 'Add to address book'
    • If you select to not have the person immediately added to your address book, you can still add them later using the "Import QuickSend Contacts" tool
    • If a QuickSend recipient is already in your address book and you have provided new information, you will be able to update that contact's information using the "Import QuickSend Contacts" tool
  • While it's not required, you can also enter your recipient's company, category, birthday, anniversary and/or start date to be used with other CorpNote features in the future
  • QuickSend eCards, invitations and surveys that use the 'autofill names' feature will show the eCard recipient's name regardless of whether you added them to your address book

Next Tutorial > Import QuickSend Contacts

If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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