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QuickSend Templates

QuickSend templates significantly shorten the time it usually takes to create, compose and address an eCard, invitation or survey. In most cases, QuickSend eCards can be sent in 30 seconds or less.

How to Create a QuickSend eCard, Invitation or Survey Template

  • Send yourself an eCard and make sure everything looks the way you want it to
  • You can create a QuickSend template from any eCard, invitation or survey that is in your "Sent eCards" bin by selecting 'Save as a QuickSend Template' from the options menu
Create a QuickSend template from any eCard, invitation or survey that you have sent.
  • Give your QuickSend template a name that you will easily recognize
  • Select a category and/or enter comments to help you further recognize this template (see example)
  • Choose whether you want the template to appear by default on your QuickSend home screen
    • Note: If you choose 'no', you will still be able to access this template by clicking the 'show all' button
  • If you would like to automatically have new recipients added to your Address Book, select yes
    • You will still have the opportunity to change this setting each time you send a QuickSend eCard
    • By entering a category for the recipients, you can more easily find the new people who are added to your address book through QuickSend
    • For example, if you are going to send an eCard to people you meet at a trade show, you could use the category 'Met at Chamber Expo April 2017'
Here's an example of a QuickSend eCard template with options completed.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • Company Plan administrators can share QuickSend templates with all or specific users. Please check the administrator tutorials for more information.
  • A QuickSend Template can only be created from an eCard, invitation or survey in your 'Sent Cards' bin
  • If you put a person's name directly in the Greeting line (e.g. Dear Bob), then all of your eCards sent with this template will say "Dear Bob". To avoid this, create your eCard template using the 'autofill names' feature, enter a generic greeting or do not use the greeting line at all

Managing QuickSend Templates

To edit or delete a QuickSend template, go to eCards > Templates and click on the "QuickSend Templates" tab. You can search and sort to find templates and then you have the following options: (see example)

  • Use template
  • Edit template settings
  • View template
  • Delete template

thumb_up Multi-User plan members cannot delete QuickSend eCard templates that have been given to them by their administrator.

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