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Once you have created your QuickSend email templates, you can send them from your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

How to Send a QuickSend Email Template

  • Go to Email > QuickSend in the navigation or use a shortcut you have setup
  • Find the email template you want to use and click the thumbnail image
    • You can filter your templates by category
    • Email templates that link to an online invitation and online survey will display an icon so you can easily identify them
  • Enter your contact's name and email address or click the link for 'use Address Book'
    • When entering a new contact, you have the option to add them to your address book by checking the box
    • If you choose to add a contact to your address book, you can click the "options" link to add additional contact information
  • Click the send button and your email will be sent immediately

thumb_up Important Notes

  • If you had selected to not display a QuickSend email template on the QuickSend home screen, you can still view it by clicking the 'Show All' link
  • If you select to not have the person immediately added to your address book, you can still add them later using the "Import QuickSend Contacts" tool (next tutorial)
  • If a QuickSend recipient is already in your address book and you have provided new information, you will be able to update that contact's information using the "Import QuickSend Contacts" tool (next tutorial)
  • If your email template uses the 'autofill names' feature, your recipient's name will appear in the greeting line regardless of whether you added them to your address book

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