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QuickSend enables you to send a pre-designed, personalized email message within moments of meeting a new contact. All you need is a name and an email address. It's perfect for tradeshows, networking events, sales, customer service follow-ups and more. In addition to letting you quickly send messages, QuickSend automates the process of adding your new contacts to your address book at a later time, helping you build your contact list and follow up on the conversation.

Once your QuickSend templates are created, you can sign in and access QuickSend at, or from the Email > QuickSend navigation link in your account. QuickSend works with smartphones, tablets and desktop computers and you do not need to download an app to use this feature.

How it Works...

  • Create and save QuickSend email templates for different occasions
  • Go to Email > QuickSend in the navigation or click a shortcut on your phone (instructions in the next section)
  • Select your email template, enter a name and email address for your contact and click "send"
  • Go to your 'Sent Emails' history to see who views your emails
  • Import new contacts to your address book
Select an eCard template and enter the contact's information.

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