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Survey Manager Overview

Our Online Survey Manager enables you to create and manage surveys that can be distributed via eCards, your website, blog, social media or email program. Your recipients can respond from an eCard or a direct link to the survey response form.

The Survey Manager automatically records responses in real-time. You can view and print a detailed report of survey responses on an individual or aggregate basis in a variety of formats as well as easily send follow-up messages.

You can create an unlimited number of surveys and each survey can have up to 20 questions with answer choices ranging from single, multi-select, a rating scale or an open text answer (comment box).

This tutorial contains a general overview of how the survey manager works. Click on the links in the tutorial to see more detailed information on a particular section.

Survey Management in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Create a Survey
    • Enter your survey questions and customize the type of response you want such as single answer, multiple choice, a rating scale or open text response
    • You can combine a single, multi-select or rating answer with an open text answer.
    • You can require information such as name, email address and/or company name or enable anonymous responses to your survey by not requiring any personal information
    • Learn more in this tutorial: Create a Survey
  2. Distribute Your Survey
    • Create an eCard using any of our designs or your own and select the survey you want to include as part of the eCard.
    • No matter how many eCards you send with a link to the survey response form, a consolidated 'Recipient List' will automatically be created for you so you can easily follow up with people who did not respond to the survey.
    • Alternatively, you can link directly to the survey response form from your own email program, website, blog, or social media using our 'Direct' Link feature.
    • Learn more in this tutorial: Survey Distribution
  3. Track Your Responses in Real Time
    • View, print and export responses in a variety of formats.
    • Easily send follow-up messages like reminders, follow-up surveys and more.
    • Learn more in this tutorial: Managing Survey Responses
Guests can respond to your survey from a link in an eCard or a direct link to the survey response form.

Manage Multiple Surveys

The Survey Manager allows you to create and manage multiple surveys at the same time. An unlimited number of surveys can be managed from your account each month. This is all included in your monthly subscription.

Continue the Survey Manager tutorial to learn more about the following commonly used features:

  • Receive an email when people have responded to your survey
  • Easily send follow-up messages to all your respondents
  • Edit responses and manually add responses for people that respond via phone or mail
  • View, print and save responses in a variety of formats
  • Export survey results as an Excel spreadsheet for use in other programs or reports

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