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Add Individual Contacts to your Address Book

To add an individual contact, follow the instructions below. To add multiple contacts to your address book at the same time, use our address book import feature.

Add a Contact

Go to My Account > Address Book in the navigation. Click the 'Add New' tab and enter the required contact information:

  • first name and last name
  • email address

You can also add additional information for each contact:

  • company
  • category (such as client, vendor etc.)
  • birthday
  • anniversary
  • start date (can be used for client and employee work anniversaries)
  • comments

If you have set up Groups, then you can also add a contact to a group or groups when adding them as a contact.

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible since all of these fields make it easier for you when you are searching for contacts to send an eCard, invitation or survey.

Provide as much information as possible when adding a contact to make it easier for you to send an eCard, invitation or survey to that contact.

Important Notes

  • If you want to set a 'recurring' anniversary or birthday eCard, you will need to enter a birthday, anniversary or start date for your contacts. (Related Tutorial: Recurring eCards)
  • Birthday and anniversary reminders, for events that occur within the next 7 days, can be seen by going to My Account > Overview and then click on the dates tab.
  • The start date field was designed to be used for employee start date or customer acquisition date. By entering a start date, you can easily set up customer or employee appreciation eCard campaigns.
  • Putting a contact into a category makes it easier to quickly send an eCard or invitation to contacts within a specific category such as clients, vendors or friends. Setting categories also makes it easier to set up groups of contacts.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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