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Import Contacts from Other Contact Manager Software

Step 1

  • Export your .csv file from your contact manager software or if your software doesn't allow you to export contacts a .csv file, pick a comma delimited format
  • Open your file or create a new one in Notepad or any plain text editor (not MS Word)
  • The very first line of your file should look like this:
    • First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Anniversary, Birthday, Category, Company, Start Date
    • These are your category names which outline the order in which all your contact information should follow
    • Note: Only first name, last name and email are absolutely required for each contact
    • There should be no spaces after the commas

Step 2

  • Enter your contact information in the same order as outlined in the first line
  • For any fields you wish to leave blank, simply leave the space between trailing commas blank
  • An example of a contact with First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Category, Company, and Start Date, excluding Anniversary and Birthday is as follows:
    • Leonora, Burrow,, , , Client, Beautiful Flowers Co, 10/19/2016

Step 2

  • Select 'File' and then 'Save as...'
  • Browse to the directory you wish to save the file to and choose a name for your file (make sure you type the '.csv' file extension)
  • Make sure the 'Save as type:' option is 'All Files (*.*)' and then click Save

To begin your address book import, go to My Account > Address Book from the navigation at the top of any screen. Click the 'Import' tab and follow the onscreen instructions.

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