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Import Contacts from MS Outlook

Step 1

  • Open Outlook and select the 'File' option at the top of the screen
  • Click the 'Open & Export' tab on the left and then select the third 'Import/Export' option

Step 2

  • This will open the 'Import and Export Wizard'
  • Select 'Export to a file' and then click next

Step 3

  • Select the 'Contacts' folder or a desired subfolder if you have one and then click next

Step 4

  • Type in a name for your exported contacts file
  • Find where you want the file to be downloaded and then click next

Step 5

  • Make sure 'Export "Contacts" from folder: Contacts' is checked
  • Select 'Map Custom Fields'

Step 6

  • There will be a left 'From' category and right 'To' category
  • The left category contains all the available export options Outlook offers while the right side contains only the options you want to export
  • Click 'Clear Map' to empty the 'To' category

Step 7

  • Drag the following required categories from the left side onto the right side:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • E-mail Address
  • CorpNote also allows you to import other contact information which enables you to use more CorpNote features such as recurring anniversary and birthday eCards:
    • Anniversary
    • Birthday
    • Categories
    • Company

Step 8

  • Once you have dragged all the categories onto the right side, click OK and then Finish
  • Your download may take up to a minute depending on how many contacts you have

To begin your address book import, go to My Account > Address Book from the navigation at the top of any screen. Click the 'Import' tab and follow the onscreen instructions.

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