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Import Contacts into your Address Book

This tutorial covers how to import your contacts from popular email programs like Outlook or spreadsheets such as MS Excel. Please read this full tutorial before you begin. Then go to My Account > Address Book at the top of any screen. Click the 'Import' tab and follow the onscreen instructions.

Import Specifications

  • You can have up to 2,500 contacts in your address book at a time (per account)
  • You can import the following fields:
    • Required Fields: First Name (50*), Last Name (50*), Email
    • Suggested Fields: Company (150*), Category (50*), Birthday, Anniversary, Start Date
    * Field length will be truncated to this # of characters
  • Contacts need to be imported as a .csv file
    Click here to view a sample .CSV file.
  • Click any of the links below for specific contact manager software instructions or use the sample .csv file above as a template:
  • You will be able to review your contacts before finalizing the import
  • If your fields are not lining up properly or you receive an error message, view our list of the most common problems people have with the file they are uploading (next section of this tutorial)
  • If your contacts look correct, click the 'Add Contacts to Address Book' button

When your contacts have been imported, you will see a report with:

  • total number of contacts processed
  • new contacts added
  • existing contacts that were updated

If your contacts did not import at all, your exported file may have errors in it. Re-check our list of most common problems.


The File is Not in the Correct File Format

  • The file was not saved as a "comma delimited" text file or an Excel .csv file
  • Open the file and re-save it in the proper format with the correct file extension (.csv or .txt) and then try re-importing the file

Column Headings are Missing or are Incorrect

  • The first column of the file does not contain the column headings
  • Add the correct headings in any order but they must be the FIRST LINE of the file
  • Example: First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Category, Birthday, Anniversary, Start Date

Contact is Missing Information

  • Contacts that do not have a first or last name or a valid email address will not be imported
  • Change the information and try re-importing the file

Check for Unusual Characters in the File

  • Change the information and try re-importing the file

The First and Last Name are in the Same Field or Column

  • You will need to separate this information into 2 fields
  • MS Excel enables you to easily do this by using the 'Convert Text to Columns Wizard'
  • Change the information and try re-importing the file

Rules for Importing Contacts

  • The email address field is the 'unique identifier' for each contact. This is used to see if a contact already exists in your online address book.
  • All uploaded contact data will replace what's already in your online address book for that contact
  • If an uploaded contact has an empty field, the corresponding online field will not be affected
  • If an uploaded contact has an identical first and last name as an existing online contact – but a different email address – you will be prompted to either:
    1. over-write the old email address or
    2. keep both records
  • Your address book may not contain more than 2,500 contacts per account

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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