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Unsubscribed List

At the bottom of every eCard, invitation and survey that you send, your recipient can click the 'Manage Your Email Preferences' link to unsubscribe or subscribe to your email list and your address book is automatically updated. (see example) Even if your membership lapses or you have cancelled your membership, eCard recipients can still unsubscribe from your address book. (see example)

Unsubscribed Contacts

To view your list of unsubscribed contacts, go to My Account > Address Book and click on the 'Unsubscribed' tab. You will see a list of people that have unsubscribed. You can also download a MS Excel compatable file in case you want to update your email list in another contact manager.


Subscribed Contacts

If an eCard email notice is forwarded and the person clicks on the 'Manage Your Email Preferences' link, they can subscribe to your email list.

Sending eCards, Invitations and Surveys

When you are sending an eCard, invitation or survey, you will be notified of the people that have 'unsubscribed' from your email list and that your eCard cannot be sent to that person.

Multi-User Plan Administrators

Multi-User Plan administrators can send eCards to their plan members regardless of whether their plan members have unsubscribed from their administrator's email list.

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