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Address Book Overview

You can access your Address Book by going to My Account > Address Book in the navigation. This tutorial gives a brief overview of the benefits of the address book and its functions. To view more information on a specific function within the address book, such as how to import contacts, click any of the links throughout this tutorial.

Address Book Benefits

  • Easier sending of eCards, invitations and surveys
  • Ability to "auto fill" the first name of each recipient in your eCard's greeting line
  • Better tracking of eCard views and responses
  • Ability to send recurring eCards for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more
  • Contact history which includes all eCards, invitations and surveys sent to a specific contact and their responses
Using the address book makes it easier to send your eCards, invitations and surveys and track pickup.

Access your Address Book

Add Contact

  • Easily add contacts and include optional information such as birthday, anniversary, employment start date and more
  • Your online Address Book can contain up to 2,500 contacts per account
  • Tutorial > Add Contact

Import Contacts

  • If you already have a list of email addresses in another program such as Outlook, ACT! or another contact manager software, you can easily transfer those contacts to your online address book
  • Tutorial > Import Contacts

Manage Contacts

  • Search for a contact by name, email or use the advanced search
  • Once you locate your contact, click the view, edit or delete icon
  • Tutorial > Manage Contacts

Manage Groups of Contacts

  • Creating groups enables you to quickly select a group of contacts for an eCard or invitation
  • You must set up a group before you can use the recurring eCards feature
  • Tutorial > Manage Groups of Contacts

Birthday and Anniversary Reminders

  • To view a list of birthday and anniversaries that occur within the next 7 days, go to My Account > Overview and click the dates tab
  • You can also have CorpNote send your anniversary and birthday eCards automatically by using our Recurring eCards feature
  • Tutorial > Recurring eCards

Unsubscribed Contacts

  • Contacts can click on a link at the bottom of their eCard/invitation to unsubscribe from your email list
  • If you add the unsubscribed person to a send list, you will be notified that the person has unsubscribed and the eCard will not be sent
  • You can download your unsubscribed list as a .csv file and update your email list in your other programs

Contact History

  • Click the view icon next to a contact to see a complete history of all eCards, invitations and surveys sent to that person

Export Contacts

  • Your online address book can be exported as a .csv file for use in other programs such as MS Excel

Next Tutorial > Add a Contact

If you need additional help, please refer to our Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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