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You can upload JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG images and CorpNote can size and compress your images for email compatibility. This tutorial provides instruction for users who want more control over how images are compressed and how they will look when sent in an email.

Acceptable file formats and sizes:

  • You can upload any JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG image with a maximum file size of 18 MB.
  • The maximum image size that CorpNote will display in an email is 600px wide and 1200px high. Uploaded images that are more than 600px wide will be sized down to 600px wide, and the image height will be scaled proportionately.
  • Before you upload, we recommend sizing your image to 600px wide (or less) so you can control/preview the quality. PNG files with transparency and JPG images that are sized in advance will be uploaded without resizing/compressing.

Different file-type rules apply as follows:

  • GIF images can be a maximum of 600px wide and 1200px high. You will not have the option to make GIF images into a smaller size.
  • Animated GIF images can be uploaded, but will only animate when you "preview" your email. Since some email software does not show GIF animation, only the first frame of an animated GIF will display – so make sure the first frame is what you want people to see.
  • BMP images will be converted to JPG format upon upload and will provide size options.
  • PNG images with transparency will remain transparent and will provide size options. If the PNG is not transparent, then it will be converted to JPG format and will provide size options.

thumb_up Important Notes

  • When you upload a larger image (›100px wide), you will have the option to save it in smaller sizes using our image compression. If you are a graphic designer and want more control over the compression, we recommend that you create and compress each image as desired and then upload them as individual images.

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