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Creating a New eCard

Use our eCard library or upload your own images.

How to Choose an eCard

  • Go to Email > New eCard
  • To use the CorpNote Library:
    • search by occasion, holiday or keyword
    • click the heart favorite to bookmark your "favorites." Once you have favorites, you can access them by clicking the heart next to the search button
    • click the image to use it or click the magnifying glass to see the full size version of the eCard
  • To use your own images, click the "My Images" tab and follow the instructions for uploading your own image
    • if you are a Multi User Plan member, you can access images provided by your administrator by selecting the "Admin Images" tab

thumb_up Important Notes for eCards

  • The CorpNote eCard library is only available when creating an eCard. eCards images appear at the top of the design, and cannot be inserted into the body of the email.
  • The eCard will always display at the top of your email and under the "Greeting" if you choose that option when you compose your email
  • If you are requesting an Event RSVP or Survey Response as part of your eCard, the buttons to the response forms will automatically be included underneath the eCard
  • You can add an "email layout" under the eCard design but you cannot remove the eCard from the top of your email. You can only change the eCard design
  • Your selected eCard design will appear in the Master Styles area. To change the eCard design, click the "Change Top Image" button and select a different design

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