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Message Helper for eCards, Invitations and Surveys

While composing your eCard message, you have the option to use our message helper to make composing the perfect message fast, easy and consistent.

You can create, retrieve and search for commonly used messages, which you can easily insert into your eCards. Messages can also contain formatting such color, size, bolding, lists and hyperlinked text (see example).

Message Helper Features

The Message Helper is only available when you create a new eCard and from the edit eCard page click the blue 'Message Helper' button. The following are the different tabs of the Message Helper:

  • Message Finder - Search our database of suggested sayings and messages for many occasions
  • My Messages - Allows you to compose and easily insert your own frequently used eCard text
  • Company Messages (for Multi-user Members) - Allows Multi-User Plan Administrators to create message templates that will be available only to their members

Inserting Messages into eCards

If you want to use one of our preset messages, navigate to the 'Message Finder' tab. You can sort the messages by category such as birthday, anniversary, by a certain holiday, invitation or survey, etc.

To use your own custom message, navigate to the 'My Messages' tab. If you have not created any messages yet, you can do so from this screen by following the steps in the next section of this tutorial.

Whether it's one of your own messages, one from our message finder or one from your administrator, click the "Description" of the message to insert it into your eCard, invitation or survey. To view what the message will look like in the eCard (fonts, styles, hyperlinks, etc) click on the magnifying glass icon.

Adding a Message

  • Go to the 'My Messages' tab and click the '+ Add New' link
  • Provide a 'Description' that will help you easily identify the message (this does not display anywhere on your eCard)
  • Provide the eCard message text - feel free to spruce it up using different fonts, colors, or hyperlinks
  • You can either 'Save' your message and stay within the message helper or choose 'Save and Insert Message' to be returned to the eCard you were composing

Editing a Message

  • Find your message in the 'My Messages' tab and click the edit icon that's next to it
  • You can edit the description and the eCard message text
  • You can either 'Save' your message and stay within the message helper or choose 'Save and Insert Message' to be returned to the eCard you were composing

Multi-User Administrators

thumb_up You can easily create message helper text that will be available to all of your plan members. Follow the instructions above for adding or editing a message. You will see an additional question: "Save in My Messages" or "Save in Company Messages." If you choose 'Save in Company Messages,' your members will be able to view and insert your message into their eCards, invitations and surveys.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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