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Create & Share Templates

Templates make it easy to ensure consistency in your user's communication. As a multi-user administrator, you can create eCard templates and share them with any user assigned to your account. This includes QuickSend templates. If you do not know how to create a card template, or need to be reminded of important tips when creating a template, review this tutorial first: Creating and Saving eCard and Invitation Templates

Sharing Templates


If you blocked a user from using CorpNote cards, you can still give them access to a specific CorpNote card design by creating a template with that design and sharing it with that user.

How Your Users Select and Use Your Templates

Managing Shared Templates

To edit or delete a template, go to eCards > Templates. If the template is being used in a recurring card series either by you, or one of your users who has access to this template, you cannot delete the template. But, you can replace this template with another template. If you replace this template, recurring cards that are scheduled with this template will display the new template you select. Recurring cards that have already been sent will not be affected by this change.

If the template is being used by one of your users, you can replace it with a template that is shared with "All Users" or one that is shared with "Selected Users." Important: If you replace it with one that is currently shared with "Selected Users," it will now be shared with ALL users.


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