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Tracking and Follow-Up eCards

You can track and respond to your eCards by going to eCards > Sent eCards. You will see an overview of your view stats and whether the eCard contained an invitation or survey. To see more eCard view details, either click on the envelope or select "View Recipients and Pickup Status" from the options drop down menu.

Tracking your eCards

The following tracking information is available for each eCard you send:

  • Date and time the eCard was sent
  • Total number of recipients including whether it was sent to a group or sent as a follow-up
  • How many recipients viewed the eCard and how many did not
  • The open rate percentage, which is helpful for eCards sent to large lists
  • A listing of each recipient with their name/email address
  • Click the envelope next to each name to see all of the dates/times the eCard was viewed
  • You will see anonymous "direct link" views if you posted a link in social media, a website or in a text message

You can download an excel report with this information by clicking 'Download Excel Report' in the options drop-down menu. For more information, visit the Reports tutorial.

Each eCard records the total number of recipients and the open rate for the eCard.

thumb_up Important Note: Your actual open rate most likely exceeds our numbers. We measure unique open rates if your recipients email inbox images are set to display, or your recipients click to view an eCard in a browser.

Re-sending or Sending a Follow Up eCard

The instructions for re-sending an eCard to those who did not view it or to send a follow up eCard to recipients who did view it are similar.

  1. Select 'View Recipients and Pickup Status' from the options drop-down menu next to any sent eCard
  2. In the options menu, select either 'Copy Card - Add All Who Picked Up' or 'Copy Card - Add All Who Did Not Pick Up'
  3. A copy of the original eCard is created but the address list will contain the recipients you selected in the choice above
  4. You can now send the eCard or edit it without affecting the original.

For invitations/surveys you have the ability to 'View All Invitation/Survey Responses' or 'View Invitation/Survey List' and send follow up eCards from there. For more help visit the Invitation Manager and Survey Manager tutorials.

Important Notes for Tracking & Responding to eCards

  • As long as your CorpNote membership remains current, address Book contacts and eCard archives are kept indefinitely. If you let your membership lapse for more than 60 days or you cancel your account, all of your account information will be deleted for privacy and storage reasons.
  • If you select to "Copy eCard" and choose a selected group (such as 'Add All Who Did NOT Pick Up'), the follow-up eCard will be easily identifiable in your Saved and Sent eCards bin. CorpNote also records the details of the follow-up eCard for you so you know the day you created the follow-up, when it was sent and to whom.
  • Once sent, an eCard cannot be edited, so please proofread your message before you send your card!
  • For invitations and surveys, you have additional options for tracking, sending reminders and follow up eCards. View those tutorials for more information.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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