Tutorials - eCard/Invitation Options

Creating a Copy of your eCard

You can easily copy any eCard/Invitation that you have sent, saved or scheduled, make any adjustments you need and instantly send or schedule it.

Step 1. Find the eCard or Invitation to Copy

You can copy any eCard that is in your "Sent eCards" or "Saved/Scheduled eCards" bin. Select 'Copy eCard' from the options menu. A copy of the eCard is immediately created and ready to be edited but the eCard recipients are not included. To include recipients, follow this tutorial: Tracking & Responding to eCards

You can copy any eCard that you have created.

Step 2. Edit the eCard or Invitation

If you wish, you can change the card design, the textual content and all other aspects of the copied eCard without affecting the original. Your original eCard does not change.

thumb_up You can change the eCard image by clicking on the "design" button. Choose a new design by clicking on a thumbnail image to see the larger version and then click the button "Select this design."

You can change the eCard design at any time.

Step 3. Address & Send the eCard or Invitation

Click the 'Address and Schedule' button to add recipients for this eCard and send the eCard now or schedule it to be sent on a later date.

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