Tutorials - Creating and Sending an eCard or Invitation

Select an eCard Design

Select an eCard design from any of our eCard categories or upload your own photos or artwork to be used as the eCard design. To view the selection of eCards and invitations, go to eCards > Create New in the navigation.

Picking an eCard Design

You can select an eCard/invitation design from:

  • New CorpNote eCard designs
  • Your uploaded custom card designs
  • Favorite eCard/invitation designs
  • Your Templates which include a card design, message text, and layout preferences such as colors and your signature

You can also search for a design by using our occasions, holidays, and keyword search box filters.

Once you find an eCard design you like:

  • Click any thumbnail to see a larger version of the eCard
  • Click the 'Select this design' button to start writing your eCard message
  • Click the 'Add to favorites' button to save eCard designs you want to use often
You can select an eCard or invitation design from our card designs or your own uploaded designs.

Creating Custom eCards from a Photo or Digital Art

Members can upload their own photos and graphic art designs to be used as eCards and invitations. Learn more in this tutorial: How to Create a Custom eCard from a Photo or Digital Art. You can also explore different art and image programs such as:

  • Photoshop (mobile and desktop) - the go-to tool for professional image developers
  • Pixlr (mobile and desktop) - a powerful image manipulating tool similar to Photoshop

thumb_up Still can't find an eCard or invitation design that meets your needs? Contact our art department and put in an eCard design request or have an eCard or invitation custom designed by CorpNote's art department.

You can upload your own photos and graphic art designs to be used as eCards and invitations.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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