Tutorials - "Display in Browser" vs. "Display in Email Inbox"

Choosing your Email Delivery Format:

CorpNote members have a choice of two different methods for delivering and displaying eCards:

  1. Display in Browser - with this method your recipients will get a simple HTML email that contains a thumbnail image of your card design and a link that, when clicked, opens your eCard up in a web browser

  2. Display in Email Inbox - with this method your recipients will see the eCard in their email inbox in-full, without the need to click on a link or open a web browser to view.

Each method has its pro's and limitations (see the chart below). Your decision on which method to choose can be based on your target audience (desktop office workers? mobile consumers?), the type of eCard you are sending (animation? still image?) and whether you prefer the convenience of email over the more robust display capabilities of a web browser.

Comparison of the benefits and limitations of "Display in Browser" vs. "Display in Email Inbox":

Display in Browser

  • Ensures a more consistent viewing experience.

  • Since most web browsers can play Flash multimedia, Browser Display should be chosen for animated eCards.

  • Apple iOS web browsers and some Android devices do not play Flash animation no matter which display method you choose. (If this is detected, CorpNote automatically replaces your animation with a still image and lets the recipient know that the original card was animated.)

Display in Email Inbox

  • Ensures that more people see your message.

  • The recipient does not need to ‘click’ to display your final eCard.

  • Better for still (non-animated) image eCards. Most email programs do not support animation and sound.

  • If you choose to send an animated eCard with Email Inbox delivery, then a still image will be displayed in place of the animation.

Additional considerations when choosing Email Inbox Delivery:

The 'Email Format Option' is selected on the "Address and Schedule your Card" screen.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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