Tutorials - Creating and Sending an eCard or Invitation

Address & Schedule

Send your eCard and Track Pickup

This tutorial covers the basic way to address and send eCards and invitations by using the address book or manually adding recipients email addresses. If you are looking for other ways to share your eCards such as in social media or on your website, view our social media eCards tutorial or our direct link tutorial.

Email Subject Line

Subject lines are limited to 80 characters and are required. This is the text your recipient sees when your eCard appears in their email inbox. Creating an effective subject line is very important to ensuring your recipient opens your message. For example: Customer Care follow up - contact info and satisfaction survey. (View this related Blog: Effective Email Subject Lines)

Add Recipients

You can add recipient's to the send list using any of the following methods:

De-selecting Recipients: If you are using either of the first two options, click the checkbox next to an email address t so that it is unchecked, and then click the 'Save Changes' button.

Using 'Autofill' to display the first name in your greeting to eCard recipients:

CorpNote enables the automatic insert of a first name in the greeting section of your eCards. If you selected the Autofill option, only the address book or group option above will display a first name in the greeting line of your eCard.

Send or Schedule your eCard/Invitation

You can send your eCard immediately or you can schedule a future delivery date. If you want to select a delivery date, click 'Select Date' and then either click on the small calendar icon to reveal the scheduling calendar or type a date. When finished, click the 'Schedule Card' button to schedule delivery. (see an example)

Scheduled eCards can be viewed by going to eCards > Saved/Scheduled. You can edit the eCard or change the delivery date any time before the eCard is sent.

Track Pickup and Responses

You can track your eCard/invitation pickup and respond to your recipients by going to eCards > Sent Cards. To view detailed pickup information, either click on the envelope or from the options menu choose "View Recipients and Pickup Status." At any time, you can view the number of recipients who picked up and who did not pick up the eCard/invitation as well as whether they responded to an invitation or survey.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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