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Saved & Scheduled eCards

This tutorial covers all of the options you have BEFORE your eCard is sent including changing the eCard design, composing your message and managing your address list. You can access your saved eCards by going to eCards > Saved/Scheduled eCards. All of your saved and scheduled eCards show by default but you can search by date range, show just eCards that have an invitation and/or survey and more.

thumb_up Your eCards are saved up to the last time you hit the 'Save' button while creating your eCard. As with any document you are working on, it is important to save often so you don't lose your work.

Change your eCard/Invitation Design

  1. Find the saved eCard and under the options drop-down menu select 'Change Design'
  2. Search for a different design, click on the thumbnail of your chosen design, and then click the 'Select this design' button
  3. Your new design now appears on the eCard compose screen
  4. You must click the 'Save Changes' or 'Save & Preview' button at the end of this screen to save your new design choice

Edit your eCard Message

  • In the drop-down menu next to your saved eCard, select 'Edit Message.'
  • You can change your eCard
    • message, colors, font
    • include/remove an event or survey
    • choose which signature items to display
  • You must click the 'Save Changes' or 'Save & Preview' button at the end of this screen to save your changes

Address and Send your Saved eCard

Choose the 'Address/Send' option in the drop-down menu for any saved eCard:

  • Add or remove eCard recipients
  • Change the subject line
  • Send your eCard now
  • Schedule or reschedule your eCard to be sent at a future date

thumb_up For more information on how to add/remove eCard recipients and change the subject line, visit our Address, Schedule & Track tutorial.

Scheduled eCards Quick Tips

  • Your scheduled eCards will remain in this area until they are sent on your scheduled date or you delete them
  • eCards you have scheduled can be modified up until the date they are scheduled to be sent
  • You can reschedule eCards for a different date at any time
  • Your scheduled eCards will not be sent if you have a lapse in membership payment
Additional Options Available for Saved/Scheduled eCards
View your eCard
The 'View eCard' option allows you to view the full eCard as your recipients will see it but without your custom interface (if you purchased that option).
Copy an eCard
The 'Copy eCard' option allows you to create an exact copy of your eCard. You can then easily edit the content, add recipients, and send/schedule this new eCard without modifying the original.
Add eCard Comments
The 'Your Comments' option allows you to write a few sentences of comments that only you can see. Comments are helpful for many reasons but they are especially helpful when you want to search for a specific eCard.
Delete your eCard
The option to 'Delete eCard' should only be used when you want to permanently remove an eCard. Deleted eCards cannot be recovered. Once you delete it, it's gone for good.

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If you need additional help, please refer to our Online Help Center or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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