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Changes that Affect Sending your Email Campaigns

This tutorial covers what happens when you make changes to an active automated email campaign, and what happens to your email campaigns when your membership is cancelled.

Cancellation or Termination of your CorpNote Account

If you cancel your membership or if your credit card payment lapses, then your scheduled emails and automated campaign emails will not be sent.

Individual Members and Multi User Administrators have a 60-day window in which they can re-activate their account, and the system will restore all of your settings to their previous state - including scheduled email, images, templates and automated email campaigns. If you restore your account within this 60-day period then here's what happens to your automated email campaigns:

  • Birthday, anniversary and holiday campaigns will resume on their next scheduled date.
  • Contacts that did not receive an email during this non-active period are automatically re-scheduled to be sent the following year. Missed scheduled emails will not be sent.
  • Interval campaigns will resume on the next scheduled send date.

Turning Off an Email Campaign

If you want an email campaign to stop sending, then go to Email > Email Automation and select Edit for the campaign you want to de-activate. On the Edit screen change the Status to 'Inactive'. This will immediately stop all emails from this campaign from sending.

Important: Once you make a campaign Inactive, you cannot re-activate it again. The campaign and historical data can be viewed, but the campaign will be archived. If you need to duplicate an inactive campaign's functionality then you will need to create a new campaign - where you can choose the same email templates and email list.

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