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Managing Contacts in an Email Campaign

CorpNote's online address book makes it easy to add and manage your contacts. As your business and email list grows, there are normal changes that you'll make to your contacts, like updating important dates and people coming and going, which will have an effect on your active automated email campaigns. This page presents a series of "if... then..." rules that will help you understand how changes to your contacts and email lists will affect a campaign. By understanding the nuances of how the CorpNote system works then you can make the most of our email automation tools!

Changing an Individual Contact

  • If a contact is in an email list for a campaign using the birthdate, anniversary date or start date – and that contact does not have the required date – they will not receive campaign emails. The date can be added later (by editing their address book entry or via the address book import) and they will start receiving campaign emails.
  • If a contact was part of an email campaign, removed from the campaign, and then added back to the campaign - that contact will start fresh, as if they have not received any prior templates.
  • If a contact assigned to an email campaign is deleted from the address book or removed from the campaign's email list, and then added back, that contact will start fresh, as if they have not received any prior templates in that campaign.

Changing the Email List in an Active Campaign

After a campaign has started:

  • If you assign the campaign to a different email list, all contacts on the new email list are treated as if they are new to the campaign, even if they were on the previously assigned email list and they received emails from this campaign before.
  • If you change to a new email list and then switch back to the original email list, the system will NOT remember the past history of the original email list recipients. All recipients on the original email list will be treated as if they are new to the campaign.

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