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Random, Ordered and Repeating Email Campaign Rules

All automated email campaigns that have more than one template can be set to send your email templates either randomly or in an order that you specify. You can add or delete templates within an email campaign at any time. You can switch from ordered to random and vice versa. For ordered email template campaigns, you can change the order at any time.


An automated email campaign with multiple templates set to "random" will:

  • Randomly assign different email templates to all contacts on your email list
  • Track each previously sent template for each contact and randomly select a new template from the campaign

If the campaign changes from "ordered" to "random", then the campaign will continue to send the remaining campaign templates randomly until all templates are sent.


An automated email campaign with multiple templates set to "ordered" will send templates to contacts in the order you specify.

If you re-order the templates:

  • Some contacts may receive the same template again before the campaign repeats.
  • Whatever number email template was last sent to the contact, they will get the next numbered template in the series. For example, a contact is scheduled to receive template #4, they will be sent the template that is in the 4th position at the time of their next send date. 
  • If the email campaign changes from "random" to "ordered", then the campaign will restart and send template number 1 to contacts on the next send date.

Repeating Email Campaigns: When all templates have been sent

  • Birthday, Anniversary and Holiday campaigns will start over again using the random or ordered rules above
  • Interval campaigns will stop by default after all templates are sent. You can select to have the campaign start over again if you enable "repeat when done".

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