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Email Campaign Types

CorpNote's four different types of automated email campaigns – Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday and Interval – may seem similar, but each has rules and capabilities that can differ greatly from each other. This page summarizes what the similarities and differences are.

Interval campaigns – the email campaign type with the most options – will also be thoroughly explained so you can understand all of the conditions and "what happens if..." scenarios that may affect how your emails are sent.


  • Sent once a year on the contact's birthday date, converted to the current year (the year is not used).
  • Always repeats


  • Sent once a year on the contact's "anniversary" date OR the contact's "start" date, converted to the current year (the year is not used).
  • Always repeats


  • Sent once a year on the holiday or up to 7 days before the holiday
  • Always repeats


  • Sent on frequency selected (yearly, 2/year, 3/year, 4/year, 6/year, monthly or custom frequency – min. 7 days)
  • Starts on a selected date for everyone or the individual contact's start date. Interval campaigns DO use the start date year if it is in the future.
    • If an individual's start date is in the future: the campaign will start on the month, day and year specified.
    • If a start date is in the past:
      • The year of the start date will be converted to the current year.
      • The next send date will be calculated using the start date plus the campaign's interval.
        E.g. A contact has a start date of 1/1/1995. They are added to a campaign that sends 4 times a year. The campaign is created in March. The contact will receive their first email on April 1, which is January 1 plus 3 months.
    • If you change a contact's start date for an interval campaign that uses the start date, and the campaign has already started, the contact will continue to receive the campaign based on the original start date.
  • By default, interval campaigns do not repeat after all templates have been sent. You can select "repeat when done" when you create the campaign or while a campaign is in progress.
  • Non-repeating interval campaigns will mark recipients as "done" when they have received all campaign templates.
    • Adding templates will extend the campaign for any recipient not "done"
    • Deleting templates may mark a recipient as "done" if they have received all remaining templates
    • Once a recipient is "done," they will not receive future emails even if you add templates.
If you remove a done or current recipient from a campaign's email list, and then add them back to the list, they will be treated as a new recipient regardless of what templates they have previously received or if they were marked as "done."

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