Email Automation Overview

Ways to Automate Sending Email

With CorpNote, there are three ways you can automate the sending of email:

  1. Email Scheduling – Lets you select any date in the future for your email to be sent
  2. Automated Email Campaigns – Sends an eCard or email on a contact's birthday, anniversary, 'start date' or holiday, and can also be used to send a series of email or eCard templates at an interval you choose.
  3. QuickSend Templates – Lets you pre-design an eCard or email and send it with just a few clicks from your mobile device

Depending on the type of automation you want to use, you'll need to understand a couple of basic principles to get started:

Email Templates

Email Templates are saved copies of any sent eCard or email that can be quickly accessed to start a new message. Templates can contain images, pre-composed messages and color/style information, as well as a subject line and preheader text.

Email Templates are also necessary if you want to use CorpNote's 'Automated Email Campaigns' feature for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or other interval-based email campaigns. You must have at least one email template saved to create an Automated Email Campaign.

Note: If you want to send email using QuickSend, our mobile-friendly automation tool, you'll need to create a 'QuickSend Template', which differs from a regular Email Template, and is discussed below and in the QuickSend tutorial.

Email Lists

Once you have imported your contacts into your address book, you can assign your contacts to Email Lists for easy addressing to segmented groups of recipients. In your address book select the 'Email Lists' tab and click 'Create a New Email List'. Name your email list and then select the contacts you want to receive your message when you send using that list. You must have at least one email list saved to create an Automated Email Campaign. See our tutorial Address Book > Email Lists for more information.

Email Scheduling

The most basic type of email automation is scheduling a message to be sent at a later date. Scheduled email can be sent on any future date you specify, and you can edit the email up until the day it is sent.

Email scheduling works similar to how you create an email and 'Send Now'. After creating your message (or selecting a saved template) type or paste email addresses into the 'Address List', or selected up to 250 recipients from your CorpNote Address Book. You can also address an email to an 'Email List' (described below) of up to 2,500 of your address book contacts. Once your recipients are selected click "Select Date" (instead of "Send Now") and choose any date in the future. See our tutorial Sending Email > Address & Send/Schedule your Email for further instructions on how to schedule an email.

Automated Email Campaigns

Automated Email Campaigns let you create different email messages and automatically send them, randomly or in an order you choose, on specific dates, occasions or intervals. You can run multiple automated email campaigns at the same time, and each campaign can send to a unique email list of contacts that you select from your online address book. Our system tracks which template designs have already been sent in each campaign so your contacts don't get duplicates.

We offer four different types of automated emails:

  • Birthday – sends on your contact's birth date
  • Anniversary – sends on an anniversary date OR the contact's start date
  • Holiday – sends on the holiday or up to 7 days before
  • Interval – sends on the interval you choose such as 4 times/year or enter a number of days to wait between sends (7 days or more)

QuickSend Speed Templates

QuickSend is a CorpNote tool that lets you send a pre-designed, personalized email message within moments of meeting a new contact. This makes it perfect for tradeshows, networking events, sales calls or customer service follow-ups. QuickSend uses an interface and workflow that is quicker to navigate than our full desktop interface.

QuickSend templates can be a simple email, eCards, or graphically rich email layouts, and can contain links to event invitations, online surveys and more. QuickSend also automates the process of adding your new contacts to your address book at a later time, helping you build your contact list and continue the conversation.

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