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This feature enables you to create an exact copy of your email content, pre-address the email's 'Address List' and send/schedule the new email without affecting the original.

You can copy a prior sent email's 'Address List' to create a new email that is pre-addressed to:

How to Copy an Email's 'Address List'

  • Go to Email > Sent Emails and from the options menu select 'Recipients and Pickup Status'
  • On this page, you will see a drop-down menu with options to 'Create Copy to':
    • all recipients
    • recipients who viewed the email
    • recipients who did not view the email (the 'copy' function for this option is only available if you have already used the 'Resend' feature for this email)
  • You can now edit the new email's content without affecting the original
  • Click the 'Preview/ Save' button to view your new email
  • Click the 'Address / Send' button to edit the subject line and preheader text that is inherited from the original
  • The 'Address List' contains your selected recipients from the original
  • You can remove recipients from this list but you will not be able to add recipients
  • Send the email now or schedule it to be sent

thumb_up Important Notes

  • The option for 'recipients who did not view the email,' will not be available as a 'Copy' until you 'Resend' the email (view prior tutorial). The 'Resend' feature has the advantage of an updated sent list right before sending and combined statistical reports. Neither of these options is available when you copy an email.
  • An email 'Copy' does not update the send list right before sending. If you save or schedule a "copy" of an email that is for recipients who viewed or did not view the email, the send list is a 'snapshot' of the recipient's pickup status at the time you create the email.
  • When you view statistics for, and send emails to, 'recipients who did not view the email,' it is important to remember that CorpNote only records pick up rates based on whether your recipients email inbox images are set to display, or your recipients click to view an email in a browser.

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