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Resending an email is an easy way to boost your open rate. Any email can be 'resent' to the people who did not view the original.

How to Resend an Email

  • Go to Email > Sent Emails and from the options menu select 'Recipients and Pickup Status'
  • Click the 'Options' menu and under 'Resend to,' click the link to send an email to recipients who did not pick up
  • You can now edit the content of the email (if desired) and then click 'Preview / Save' to view the email
  • Click the 'Address / Send' button and change the subject line and preheader text (if desired)
  • Your Address List will have all of the recipients who did not pick up the original email and you will see the last date/time the Address List was updated
  • Send the email now or schedule it to be sent

thumb_up Important Notes

  • The Resend option is only available for emails sent in the past 60 days. Emails older than 60 days allow the 'Copy' option for the people who did not view the original.
  • The Resend option is available for automated emails that have been sent in the past 60 days.
  • If you schedule a Resend email, the Address List will be updated right before your email is scheduled to be sent.
  • If you save the email and do not send or schedule it, you will see the email in your 'Saved Emails' bin. The Address List will be updated as soon as you go to the 'Address / Send' screen.
  • If your email is saved or scheduled and not sent, when you go to the original email's 'Recipients and Pickup Status' page, the options menu will indicate that you have a 'Resend in Progress.' Click the link to view and edit the Resend email.
  • You can send one 'resend' per original email. You can still 'Copy' the Address List from the original email to another email but it will no longer be classified as a 'Resend'
  • When you view statistics for, and send emails to, 'recipients who did not view the email,' it is important to remember that CorpNote only records pick up rates based on whether your recipients email inbox images are set to display, or your recipients click to view an email in a browser.

How to View a 'Resend' Email

  • Go to Email > Sent Emails
  • Resend emails have a purple bar that contains the date the original was sent. For example:
    Original sent: 3/4/2021   
  • Click the view icon to view the original email
  • Click the double envelope icon to view the two emails together

Viewing a Resend with the Original Email

When you click this icon you will see:

  • the consolidated open rate statistics of the original plus the resend
  • the resend and the original as separate entries so you can view each email's:
    • open rate
    • design thumbnail
    • subject line & preheader text
    • all of the 'options' available for that email

For more detailed statistics, click the 'Download Consolidated Report' button and follow the instructions below.

How to Download a Consolidated Statistics Report

When you click this icon you will see a button for 'Download Consolidated Report.' This enables you to export your email stats as a .csv comma delimited file that can be imported into other programs for further analysis.

The report contains:

  • Consolidated data which includes:
    • total recipients
    • the combined total views for both emails
    • the adjusted open rate
  • Original email statistics
  • Resend email statistics
  • Details pertaining to the original and the resend email such as:
    • Date and time sent
    • Subject line and preheader text
    • Message
    • Events and surveys related to the email
  • Statistics for each recipient including:
    • name and email
    • whether they viewed the original or the resend and how many times
    • the recipient's response if the email is related to an event or survey

thumb_up Important Notes

  • .csv comma delimited files can be opened in most spreadsheet programs (like MS Excel or Apple's Pages) for further analysis.

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