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You can add images anywhere within the body of your email message. This tutorial covers how to insert your own images, images from our library or a combination.

If you want to use your own images, review our tutorial on how to upload images into your account and then return to this tutorial.

How to Insert Images into Your Email

  • On the "Compose Email" screen, place your cursor anywhere in the "Email Body" that you want to insert an image
  • Click the button for "Insert Image" or click the image icon insert image on the editor toolbar
  • Select the "My Images" tab to select from images you have uploaded
  • If you are a Multi User Plan member, select the "Admin Images" tab to access images provided by your administrator
  • Select the "Image Library" tab to search and select an image from the CorpNote Library
  • Click on the image or the checkmark to insert the image

thumb_up CorpNote's Image Library

Here are our recommendations for the best way to search and bookmark our library of images.

  • Bookmark images you like by clicking the heart favorite
    Once you have bookmarked your 'favorites', you can quickly access them by clicking the heart next to the search button. If you no longer want the image to be a "favorite", click the heart to make it gray instead of red.
  • Select type — this filter helps you find a specific graphic type such as a header for newsletters, a button or an icon. It can be combined with theme, color and keyword to narrow down your search results.
  • Size — this filter helps you find a specific image size. The size is determined by an image's width. For example, if you select type "header" and size "large" you will see more results than if you choose to filter by the other sizes because headers are generally the full width of the email.
  • Theme — we have organized our images by popular "themes" such as "holiday" to help narrow your results
  • Color — is helpful if you are looking for icons or buttons that match each other or the color scheme of your email. There are six color choices: black, white, cream, gray, silver and gold. If you select black or white, you will see two versions of the same graphic. For example, if you search on the color black, the first image is solid black and the second is outlined in black.
  • Keyword — this can be used in combination with any of the drop down menus listed above to help further narrow your search results. For example, you might search on type: header, theme: holiday, and enter the keyword: snowflakes
  • Save Search — this will temporarily remember the current filter settings and search results for the next time you insert an image. For example, if you want to insert all white social media buttons, you would select type: buttons, color: white and enter the keyword: social. Then click 'Save Search'. When you insert another library image it will remember your filters and display all white social media buttons.
  • Reset — click reset to clear all search filters

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